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16 Types and InnerKineticsĀ®

This 16-hour intensive course, taught by Ray W. Lincoln, will look in depth at the 4 variations of each of the 4 temperaments, looking at how the 4 letters of each type influence each other.


This intense and powerful 16-hour course will further prepare you to be an effective counselor/consultant/mentor. Enter the world of each of the sixteen types (the four variations of each temperament) by focusing on the four letters of the temperament profile to see how they affect each other. This is "must-have" information for every counselor, therapist, and consultant.  It gives the fine-tuning you need to answer the harder questions that come from your clients and to properly identify temperaments that appear difficult, especially when the person is not living in their strengths.


For effective work with people, this is "golden," since it fine-tunes your knowledge of temperament.  


You will be training with the founder of InnerKinetics®, Ray W. Lincoln, who will share his expertise with you for an enriching training experience that will develop your skills in a way that no other training can.

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