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Current statistics reveal a shocking trend of marriage failures. So, should we marry? Why? How can we beat the odds we face of failing in our marriages in today's world? What makes a marriage that lasts? Answers to those questions are revealed by a look at the marriage of Mary and Joseph -- a marriage that should NOT have succeeded, but did.



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Break Free

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Developing Your Child's Self-Image by Temperament MP3

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Finding God's Will for You

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I May Frustrate You, But I'm A Keeper!

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I'm Still a Keeper

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INNERKINETICS - Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness

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InnerKinetics® of Type

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Intelligently Emotional (Temperament - Completing the EQ Puzzle)

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Introduction to Faith and the Temperaments

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Personal Excellence

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The Art of Encouragement

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The Path to Positive Internal Power

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Who Am I?

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Your Child's Emotional World, Part 1

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Your Child's Emotional World, Part 2

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Compelling Evidence for God

Is there a God? Was the universe intelligently designed? Or has the universe developed by unintelligent, natural, random happenings that created life itself and a vast universe by evolving over billions of years? Is there any overwhelming evidence one way or the other? Does it matter? These are some of the big questions that underlie our understanding of the world and everything in it. They influence how we live and how our lives will be molded; and yes, they do matter — a lot. Our beliefs actually shape our lives. This book (one of several books by this author dealing with the questions that have exercised the best minds throughout the ages and plagued all sincere seekers after truth) deals with questions that must be answered. Its message is for anyone, but its inspiration came from the many seekers.We will also find out in this series that everyone has a “faith” of some sort that shapes their lives. It matters a lot what we believe, but our beliefs also need to be grounded in real solid evidence. And we are about to find out where that evidence is to be found.

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