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Break Free

If you are seriously interested in breaking free from the shackles of hurt and resentment, this book is for you. Experience the freedom and release of letting go of the past hurts. If you are asking, "How do I do that?" then discovering and understanding how each temperament finds it easiest to forgive will show you how. Chained to the pains of the past is no way to live. Let this bestselling author show you a way to renew your relationships and live above those damaging circumstances.


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INNERKINETICS - Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness

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A Marriage to Beat All Odds

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Compelling Evidence for God

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Developing Your Child's Self-Image by Temperament MP3

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Finding God's Will for You

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I May Frustrate You, But I'm A Keeper!

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I'm Still a Keeper

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InnerKineticsĀ® of Type

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Intelligently Emotional (Temperament - Completing the EQ Puzzle)

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Introduction to Faith and the Temperaments

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Personal Excellence

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The Art of Encouragement

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The Path to Positive Internal Power

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Who Am I?

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Your Child's Emotional World, Part 1

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Your Child's Emotional World, Part 2

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