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Intelligently Emotional (Temperament - Completing the EQ Puzzle)

Drawing from the critical literature on temperament psychology, Ray W. Lincoln will show how understanding the patterns of emotion in our temperament will enable us to manage our emotions effectively.


Frustration, hurt, anger, loneliness and jealousy are just some of the emotions we need to have in our control - not "off the leash" and attacking us.    Combining temperament's urges and emotional drives, Lincoln does not depend on general methods but on how we are made to learn to overcome emotions's tyranny.  From children to adults, the problem of emotional management is paramount to a satisfying life.  It is not just a matter of self-awareness and self-discipline;  it is a matter of understanding how we function.  Your eyes will be opened to see yourself as never before and the facts about how your emotions operate may surprise you.  You'll learn how they are really your friend!

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