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Level 3 InnerKineticsĀ® - Application

The 16-hour course, taught by InnerKineticsĀ® founder, Ray W. Lincoln, equips the individual to apply InnerKineticsĀ® to one-on-one situations and answer questions posed


Description of Course

This intense and powerful 16-hour course will prepare you to be an effective  consultant.  

To consult successfully you will be offered the following:

  • An understanding of consulting systems
  • What consulting is and what it is not
  • How to create a healing rapport
  • Training on what to listen for and how to listen
  • An understanding of the dynamics of the consulting room
  • The use of silence and its techniques
  • How to plan accountability actions
  • How to consult with temperament as your guide

and much more...

  • Diagnosis techniques
  • How to create a prescription using temperament and how to consult using an understanding of how we were made to function
  • What elements of our human makeup are the motivational levers to achieve recovery
  • The format for a professional consulting session
  • Suggested homework assignments you can use
  • Increased one-on-one learning by means of role playing and discussion


Helpful materials are constantly being created in audio and written formats along with E-courses and teleseminars/webinars.


Continuing Education

You will be encouraged to take advantage of continuing education opportunities in a virtual environment as well as periodic retreats for advancing your learning and effectiveness.  They will provide you with intense learning sessions and interaction with your instructor. 


You will receive a binder of materials, but you will be expected to provide your own materials for taking notes and compiling your own manual for personal use.


Auditing of Future Classes

You may audit this training course one time for a very nominal fee, and you are encouraged to do so.  In effect, this is a two-for-one offer.  However, additional materials may need to be purchased.  



Completion of reading assignments will be required. Your success and effectiveness will be determined by your practice of the knowledge, principles, and skills learned in class.


New subjects and materials are added to the course periodically. 


The course will equip you to...

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